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The Thinking Approach to language teaching and learning (TA) is the underlying methodology behind this site. It has been developed by Dr Alexander Sokol and his colleagues. More information about the TA can be found at www.thinking-approach.org.
Materials on this website have been developed by colleagues from the partner institutions of the New Learners in the New Europe project:

Latvian Association of Teachers of English, LV, Visit
Educational Resource Centre of Bornholm, DK, Visit
Graduate School of Science and Technology (INSA), Strasbourg, FR, Visit
Lydbury English Centre, UK, Visit
Latvian Association of Language Teachers, LV, Visit
Daugavpils Russian Lyceum, LV
Riga Herder School, LV, Visit
Liceul Pedagogic "Dimitrie Tichindeal" Arad, RO, Visit
Centre for Form 10, DK
Danish Language School, DK
The Community College, Bishop’s Castle, UK
Universitatea "Aurel Vlaicu" Arad, RO, Visit
The copyright for the materials is held by the authors whose names are featured in each of the items.
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Disclaimer and copyrights