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The place where language meets thinking

This website has been developed in the framework of New Learners in the New Europe project supported by the European Commission in the framework of Socrates, Lingua programme.
The main idea behind the project is that it is possible to learn a language and develop problem solving skills in an integrated way. The three modules of the site help the learner do it.
The planning module is the starting point of learning. Decisions about what is to be done and how it can be done more effectively are made here.
The creative grammar module helps you learn to build your own grammar rules and learn to apply them. In addition to being an alternative for those who are not happy with learning rules by heart, it gives you a systematic vision of how language functions.
The text module provides you with practical tasks where language is used as a means for communication. Not simple communication but the one when you have to solve problems to reach your aims. These challenging communicative tasks are built around a number of motivating texts.
In all the three modules you are never alone. Personal feedback on all your ideas is always provided both by the site and the teacher (if you have chosen this option).
Please read FAQ for more information.